About Us

Created from a passionate commitment to bring quality Fairtrade-certified products to the mainstream market at mainstream prices, Scarborough Fair strives to positively affect the lives of people who grow, produce and manufacture some of the foods, drink and products we use and enjoy every day.

In 2004, the team at Scarborough Fair - an Auckland, New Zealand-based food marketing company launched the Scarborough Fair brand to the food industry.

They decided a mainstream approach would be the best way to help the most growers since so many other Fairtrade products are sold at a premium price, and therefore at low volumes.

Scarborough Fair was born, with fairly priced Fairtrade-certified tea and coffee appearing on supermarket shelves in New Zealand and Australia from mid-2005.

To ensure the high quality and integrity of each Fairtrade-certified Scarborough Fair product, various team members have visited countries including Sri Lanka, Mexico and Ghana to meet with growers and producers and source new products to add to the range.

Scarborough Fairs' business expertise helps to ensure value reaches each participant in the supply chain - the growers in particular.

Scarborough Fair is committed to ensuring that maximum positive benefits are created for growers in developing countries so it adheres to Scarborough Fair's Fairtrade Policy which forms the basis for all business practices and relationships.